Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dinner Reunions

I had an opportunity over the last couple of weeks to meet up with some friends who are now based abroad.

Dinner #1: Kapitolyo

I didn't realize how many restaurants there are now in the Kapitolyo area until I drover there several days ago to meet up with Pia and our other set of friends for dinner at Open Kitchen. I was actually extraordinarily late since I had a ton of work to do and I couldn't really leave until around 8:30 PM. I was worried it would take me forever to get to Kapitolyo but surprisingly, the traffic wasn't debilitating and I made it to the restaurant in about an hour. By then, my friends had all been together for about two and a half hours LOL. I arrived just in time too, because as I got comfortable in my seat, the waitress arrived to ask everyone for our last orders. I chose the Anise Pork Belly for my main and that was really good. For dessert, I got the Creme Brulee and had the Le Grande Reserve coffee. My food was served very quickly, probably because I was the only one ordering at the time. As it was near closing time, we stayed there for maybe about an hour more before bidding each other farewell. While I didn't get to hang out with everyone for very long, I was still happy I managed to spend some time with them and with Pia while she was still in town. I also think I want to try more restaurants in this area.

Dinner #2: BGC

So it seems BGC is really the popular venue now for many of my sets of friends for catching up. My friend Maileen and her husband Nick were in Manila for the first time in about four years. Their daughter just turned five and they had a party last weekend but since I was sick, I was unable to go. When dinner was organized with them while they were still here, I made sure to go. Dinner venue was in Mogu. I had the sukiyaki and while it was good, it wasn't significantly better than other sukiyaki dishes I've had (but this one is a lot more expensive LOL). Next time I'm here, I'll probably stick to the Harami or the Pork Kakuni. After dinner, a few of us wanted dessert and coffee while some wanted alcohol LOL (I was taking antibiotics so I had to stick to dessert and coffee) so we opted for Cav so that there would be something for everyone. I have to say that the dessert here is pretty expensive (everything we ordered was in the P350-395 range and the portion sizes are quite small). It was a shame that I was under medication since I haven't enjoyed wine in Cav in ages. Nevertheless, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with great conversation and even greater company.

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