Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight snack at Old Swiss Inn

Old Swiss Inn is one of my frequent haunts when I'm really hungry and it's past midnight. There aren't a lot of non-fastfood restos that are open 24 hours and I do love the food here. A lot of the menu items are quite pricey but there are a couple that are less than P300. It also just so happens that my current favorite dish they carry is the Papet Vaudois which is part of their seasonal menu and costs a relatively affordable P250. a Swiss garlic sausage from Canton Vaud that is paired with a cheesy leek and potato stew. It's a perfect match because the creaminess of the potatoes provides a great counterbalance to the strong flavors of the sausage.

It's too bad that this dish is only part of the seasonal menu, which means it may be dropped at some point in the near future. If and when Papet Vaudois is no longer on offer, hopefully they bring back the Pork Parisienne which was one of my favorites in the seasonal menu a few years ago before it was dropped. :)

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