Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lucky Break

So I got stopped by traffic enforcers last Friday while turning left in what apparently was a no-left-turn intersection. I made the mistake of seeing only the no-U-turn sign and not the no-left-turn sign. I told the traffic enforcer that I didn't see the sign but the enforcer started preparing to write out my ticket. I asked him if I could get my license back on Saturday but he said I could only get it during weekdays, meaning that I would have to get it on Monday. I heaved a heavy sigh and just resigned myself to the fact that I would get a ticket for a traffic violation.

Just as I started to wonder what violation I would be charged with (I was hoping it wouldn't cost as much as my previous ticket), the enforcer all of a sudden tells me that he will just let me go with a warning. He asked for my license receipt and he made a notation there indicating that I had been warned already. I was very pleasantly surprised and I thanked the officer before driving off. What a lucky break.

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