Saturday, August 03, 2013

Random act of kindness

So I was at McDonald's and I ordered a large coffee to go. The lady at counter told me that they had to brew a new pot and it would be about a five minute wait. At the same time, two large coffees were served to the guy standing next to me. Apparently he got the last two cups of coffee before a new pot had to be brewed. And apparently he also heard my conversation with the lady at the counter. Because out of the blue, he and I have a discussion that sort of goes like this:

Him: Why don't you just take this one cup and I'll wait for the other one? (referring to one of the two cups he just got served)
Me: (quite surprised) Are you sure?
Him: Yeah. I'm staying here with my friends anyway so I don't mind waiting for the next cup. I also know it won't take 5 minutes.
Me: Wow, okay, thanks a lot!

It's not often that a stranger performs an unexpected act of kindness so it definitely made my day.

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