Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dinner buffet

I had dinner earlier tonight in Cafe Jeepney at InterContinental Manila using a Deal Grocer voucher I purchased several months ago. It was the first time I had a buffet in a really long time and my first majorly massive meal since I got sick back in March. And I can clearly feel it. My stomach problems have led me to eat significantly less than I used to and I'm clearly not used to binging anymore. Now, a few hours after my buffet dinner and I still feel like throwing up LOL. At least it's good to know that I have now trained myself to eat less. I just need to maintain this so I don't balloon up to my all-time heaviest weight again.

Speaking of vouchers, my recent illness resulted in me being unable to use several vouchers that I purchased. Because I've been sick, in and out of the hospital and extremely distracted over several weeks from March to April, I didn't have the energy to look after and claim some of the vouchers I bought several months ago. Before I knew it, seven of them expired. Among those were a few photobook vouchers that cost a lot. Too bad. So now, my batting average in terms of voucher usage has gone down. At least I can console myself by the fact that I have still saved a whole lot more than I spent, even taking into account the vouchers I was unable to use. Maybe it's time to start buying more... LOL

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