Sunday, March 03, 2013

Nadal wins again!

After being away from tennis for 7 months, Rafael Nadal decided to head to South America where he could find his form again on his best surface, clay. This turned out to be a fantastic move because, while he lost the final of the first tournament he played (in Chile), he won Brazil and just now, Mexico. Congrats, Rafa!

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What was great about this latest win is that he ran into tough competition in the semis and the finals in the form of David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, who are ranked #5 and #12 respectively. What's more is that both these athletes play well on clay and they are also relatively in-form (Almagro got to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open where he lost to Ferrer who himself got to the semifinals). I was hoping that Nadal would put up a fight against both of them, but as it turned out, he beat them both. Almagro put up more of a fight, losing to Nadal in two tight sets (7-5 6-4). It was the result in the final that shocked me, though. Nadal completely routed David Ferrer 6-0 6-2.

So three clay-court tournaments, three finals, a couple of wins over top 20 players, and two titles. That's a good start to Nadal's comeback. I hope he finds his early 2012 form again so that Rafa can snag Roland Garros title #8.

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