Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Lover of the Light" by Mumford & Sons

While I had heard about Mumford & Sons before, I only really discovered them a couple of days before the Grammys. I was driving that day and the radio station I was listening to at the time was featuring Grammy nominees. The DJ then introduced the next song, "I will wait" by Mumford & Sons. As I listened to it, I started really liking it. So much so that later that night, I started digging up their songs on youtube and I became hooked.

Probably my favorite song of theirs right now is "Lover of the Light". The video has gotten a lot of positive feedback because it is well-made, well-acted, and viewers aren't particularly sure what it means, making you think about it after you watch. Check it out here:

video uploaded in youtube by MumfordAndSonsVEVO

I've tried to dig up online what the video means, and not surprisingly there are many different interpretations. Even the band themselves have said that they only think that they understand it. :) But whatever it means, it's such a powerful video that matches an beautiful song. That bit where he starts running (and the way he runs!) is just saw intense and moving. I've now purchased their album "Babel" and I can understand why it won Best Album at the Grammys. I do want to get their first album as well, "Sigh no more", but I think that the local stores don't carry it yet. Maybe if lots of "Babel" CDs get sold, they'll make "Sigh no more" available here too. If not, I can always get it on Amazon.

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