Monday, November 21, 2011

Trying out City Delivery 87878

I've ordered a few times from Quick Delivery (2121212) but I just realized I have another option in City Delivery 87878. I reckon these two services don't share the same restaurant list so it means that I have a couple of options now, depending on which restaurant I want to order from.

I checked the restaurant list of City Delivery and saw that it carries Marciano's so I decided to order my dinner from there. Since the minimum order value is P500, I got a main course and a pasta dish. No big deal, what I can't finish, I can always eat in the next meal. :)

I think it's great that 87878 is now in my radar. I've quickly browsed through the list of restos and I plan to order food from Heaven 'n Eggs Rockstar and Amici one of these days. Having my meals delivered makes me sound so lazy LOL but I have to say, I really love the convenience brought about by these delivery services.

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