Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Let the drummer kick" by Citizen Cope

Here's a pretty cool song I discovered while watching some clips of "So you think you can dance" (SYTYCD) on youtube (specifically, this video of all Jeanine Mason's solos; Jeanine won SYTYCD season 5). The song is called "Let the drummer kick" by Citizen Cope.

video uploaded in youtube by user arturitis

I thought the song was pretty interesting so I got some of the lyrics, searched and found it online, and began listening to it. Apparently it is part of the OST of the film "Coach Carter". The song is really cool, and this video is pretty well done too. Some pretty slick editing! So I thought it might be worth sharing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Killers are coming!!

A week and a half ago, my friend Yam gave me a heads up that The Killers would be pre-selling tickets to their January 31 concert in Manila. The Killers are in my to-watch-live list so I was ecstatic to find out that they were having a concert here. Naturally, I went to the online ticket reservation site to reserve tickets.

I didn't know when I could expect a reply, but last Thursday, I got an email saying my tickets were ready, but would be held only for a day (a day!). So I head to customer service in SM Megamall on Friday, and now I have my pass to see one of my favorite bands perform live! Woo-hoo!! It's still about two months away but I get excited every time I think about it LOL.

Check out the official website of The Killers for more info on their concert in Manila and in other cities in Asia and Australia.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ugh, sick!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore. December is always the busiest time of the year. One Christmas party or get-together or event after another. And with me somehow being in the thick of things all the time, I tend to spread myself too thin. I wouldn't have it any other way though, and most of the time I just get tired and get easily get back on track with a good massage.

But somehow, I seemed to have stressed myself out a tad bit more than usual in the last month. I had a bad bout of tonsillitis about 3 1/2 weeks ago, and it kept me on antibiotics (and away from alcohol LOL) for 2 weeks. It cleared up about a week and a half ago, but then last weekend, I got up to find my throat hurting more than it did when my tonsillitis first broke.

So I head to my doctor and it turns out my tonsillitis has pretty much cleared up but now, I apparently have acute pharyngolaryngitis. The doctor told me to go on complete voice rest i.e. no talking even! I also have to stay away from caffeine, spicy and sweet food, alcohol, and even fruits and fruit juices. Which now means I have (1) barely talked the last 3 days, (2) drunk only water in the last two days, and (3) not eaten anything sweet also in the last two days.

So far, so good. My throat hurts much less today than yesterday, and it doesn't hurt to swallow anymore. Hopefully I get my voice back by Thursday. It's such a downer being unable to talk to people and have dessert and coffee. :)